Split Up – TriJam #197

The theme for TriJam 197 was Split Up. I had a couple of loose ideas for this but the one that stuck was a Nuclear fission reactor game. Why? Because fission reactors split atoms to generate power!

Now this is neither the best nor most accurate game I’ve made but the idea of the game is that Uranium atoms are floating around and neutrons are spawning at random. You must try to aim and launch the neutrons at the Uranium, breaking them into smaller atoms, resulting in energy and more neutrons being produced. Each interaction increases the reactor temperature and so they player must also keep in mind two control rods that drop down, reducing the temperature. However if the temperature drops too much, the reactor stalls and the game ends.

This isn’t my favourite implementation of a game and it’s unfortunately quite buggy due to the 3 hour time constraints but I’m quite pleased that I tried it, I was hoping it would be the next in a series of semi-educational jam games like Chemistry Time before it.

You can try the game below.

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