About Us

Drentsoft Games Ltd is an independent company, creating tabletop and video games.

Derwent Ready

I am Derwent – game designer/developer and the founder of Drentsoft Games!

Drentsoft Games represents my passion for games. Bringing my love of the medium to the world and to inspiring others to follow their creative passions through great games and educational content.

I have been a life-long gamer with an avid interest for all branches of media production from art to video and animation, music to sound design and as a result I studied Digital Video and 3D Animation Production at Staffordshire University. I have been designing games on and off since a young age but this ramped up in about 2014 and I finally decided to take the plunge and set up a game development company in 2021! I love video games for their ability to simulate worlds both fantastical and realistic and board games for their abstraction and ability to bring people together. I enjoy the intricacies of systems interacting which is prevalent in both formats.

I’m a 80s/90s kid so I got to play the Mega Drive and N64 growing up, when Star Trek/Gate were the hottest shows for a sci-fi lover.

Some of my favourite tabletop games are:

Sub Terra



Star Realms


Fluxx – I enjoy the ever changing goal posts and the potential for mayhem

Some of my favourite video games are:

Half-life 2

A Story About My Uncle

Elden Ring

Space Engineers

Classic 2D Sonic



Dead Space

Discovering new games and sampling their unique take on stories, genres and mechanics is always a great experience.