One Bullet Man – #TriJam 201

The theme for Trijam 201 was You Got 1 Shot. Trijam is a game jam where participants try to create a game in 3 hours or less. I wasn’t originally going to take part in TriJam 201 as it coincided with the end of 12 Days of Sketchmas which I was hosting. However, I had an early appointment in the morning on the last day of TriJam that was cancelled and I found myself with an hour or so spare to try and take part.

This game I made in ~45 minutes in Godot, just before the deadline. It’s very simple but I feel I managed to pack quite a lot of mechanical detail into the game. There is a bullet that can be shot, blue targets, red bounce pads which reflect the bullet and green jelly which slows it down. The goal is to destroy all the blue targets in as few shots as possible using just the one bullet. I would have liked to be able to do more but time wasn’t on my side. Regardless I’m quite pleased with how much I managed to do in such as short time!

You can try the game for free on

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