Construction Workers vs Zombies – #TriJam204

The theme for TriJam 204 was “Blocked”. This game was made using Godot 3.5 while working on a Boss Rush Jam game entry. I decided I wanted to do a lane based blocking game. I settled on a lane defence game a little like Plants vs Zombies but instead of plants that shoot or hurt the zombies you would be a construction worker placing blocking defences like concrete barriers, shipping containers and makeshift traps. The construction site happens to be run by an advanced AI fabricator and you’ve programmed it to spit out the obstacles as fast as it can! As zombies collide with the obstacles they eventually overwhelm the defence, either breaking it or just climbing over it. The player can also control a little moving turret to catch any zombies that make it past the defences. Being overrun is inevitable but you must try to survive as long as possible, you owe it to humanity!

The game is a little simple and could do with some restriction on obstacle placement, perhaps a little UX improvement but I’m quite pleased with the game overall, though I don’t see that there’s much room for future developments.

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