Get Out of My WAY!!! – TriJam #192

Get Out of My WAY!!! is the Drentsoft Games entry to TriJam #192. The theme for this jam was Out of my way!

In this game, made in Godot, you play as a spaceship trapped in some ethereal nightmare world. Your only chance to escape is the black hole portal in the centre of the map. However you are trapped on a spiral trajectory and strange blocks stand in your way. Even worse? Asteroids are being pulled into the portal and threaten to destabilise it, trapping you here forever! Bash your way through the blocks and make it to the portal before the asteroids do!

Originally the asteroids would be reflected by the player like pong but I felt for the extra challenge it would be better if they hurt the player instead. I had some trouble with the design of the player’s movement. I had envisioned using a KinematicBody2D to follow the path but it would go out of sync with the parent object during collisions.

I then switched to using an Area2D and manually handling collisions, this worked a lot better but the time spent trying to get KinematicBody movement working limited how much I could achieve for the game resulting in one very simple level. Still, I think it’s an interesting idea and would love to see if people thing more levels could work!

You can play the game in the browser for free on

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