A Taste for the King – First Production Prototype

After much work, countless revisions and frequent playtests the first production prototypes of A Taste for the King have been ordered! The order is with The Game Crafter who will be printing the parts shortly. Upon receipt we will be looking for issues in the design of the parts such as colouring of artwork, especially for the second prototype. We will also be evaluating print quality and identifying any issues, making sure that our choice of production house is right for us. Once we’re satisfied with these prototypes we are hoping to launch the Kickstarter for the game.

Now to play the waiting game. The Game Crafter must print, package and ship the prototypes and then they must endure an arduous 2-4 weeks across the Atlantic to the UK. Here’s hoping they enjoy the trip. In the mean time there are plenty of things to do and blog about in preparation for the final release. Keep an eye out for coming updates!

Feel free to drop by the official Drentsoft Games Discord Server to discuss the game and play it with the developer!

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