Let’s Go Camping – Trijam #198

The theme for Trijam 198 was Let’s Go Camping and I had an idea for a game where ex-military hunters are on a camping trip when they find an invasion force crossing the border. They decide to take up defensive spots around the forest and take out the oncoming soldiers, vans and tanks.

This game was quite fun for me to make. I decided to make an unconventional tower defence game. Normally in tower defence games you are essentially building an engine of death, the more enemies you kill, the more resources you gather and the more you can spend on creating more structures that kill the oncoming enemy. In Let’s Go Camping I wanted to try something a little diffrent. You have several sightlines and can choose which are filled. You have limited ammo and so must choose the best sightlines to dispatch the invading forces as efficiently as possible.

The game didn’t quite live up to my expectations as I didn’t manage to fully implement the featureset I wanted and there’s almost no challenge as just the 2 or 3 sightlines closest to the enemy spawn will allow players to complete the game, but I think it proves to be an interesting prototype that I would like to continue some day. I think fully implemented, it could be a very unique, fun and challenging implementation of a tower defence style game.

You can try the game below.

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