Magnebot Warehouse – TriJam #189

Magnebot Warehouse is the Drentsoft Games entry to TriJam #189. The theme was push and pull and I immediately thought of a magnet game. I quickly settled on the idea of some sort of magnetic Sokoban style game. This further developed in the idea of a 2 axis robot sitting on the outsides of a warehouse pushing and pulling boxes to the correct delivery locations.

I’m quite pleased with this game however the controls are VERY fiddly but I knew they would be going into it and once you get used to them they are usable. In a post-jam update I added controller support and a “simplified” control scheme, though I actually find the simplified controls a little more fiddly in some ways. This update hasn’t been uploaded to at the time of writing.

I was also a little sad as development ran a little over the 3 hour target just because of some bugs that I discovered last minute. This is a shame because they would likely have been quite fixable within the time limit had I realised they were there and tackled them inline with the rest of the development rather than at the end.

Give the game a go and see if you think it should be turned into a fully fledged puzzle game.

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