Daily Exercise – TriJam#210

Daily Exercise is Drentsoft Games’ entry to TriJam210, made in Godot 3.5. The theme was Distractions and I decided to make a game where you control a character by placing distractions. The gist of the game is that Jeremy is trying to get fit but he’s both not very observant and very easily distracted. As such you have to balance placing the distractions so he avoids pitfalls while also making sure he doesn’t get TOO distracted and forget about his exercise.

The game is a very simple autorunner. Jeremy moves to the right and you can place distractions (doughnuts, laptops and books) anywhere above or below him in his direction of travel. Once they reach his awareness he will steer uncontrollably towards the distractions. If Jeremy falls into one of the 3 pits, the game is over. Similarly if Jeremy spends too much time at a distraction, he will forget to exercise and the game will end.

You can try the game for free on itch.io.

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