The Depths – TriJam#246

TriJam is the game jam where participants try to make a game in 3 hours or less (our record is 50 minutes). The theme for TriJam 246 was Beep Beep. For some reason this gave me the idea to do a diving game with a radar system. The idea was to dive as deep as you can, collecting gems as you go then get back to the surface with your loot before the oxygen runs out! To aid you in this you can hold your breath but if your CO2 builds up too far you’ll temporarily fall unconscious, unable to control your descent. Your O2 will also fall drastically as you take a deep gasp of air.

In the end the game took around 5 hours to make. I’m a little disappointed with how unfinished it was. I am pleased with the general feel of the game. I think it has a really nice balance of deep sea exploration/limited oxygen induced terror with a fairly chill, almost cosy zen gameplay loop of just… collecting gems! The game was made in Godot 4.

I intend to work on this game a little more. I’d like to polish some of the existing mechanisms and implement some that were missing.

You can play the game for free on right now so what’s stopping you!?

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