Ducky Bug Destroyer

There is a concept in programming called rubber duck debugging. The idea is that by talking out loud about a programming challenge, a solution will often present itself without outside suggestions so rather than bothering co-workers (or struggling in silence if working solo) you can talk out loud to an inanimate object such as a rubber duck! Ducky Bug Destroyer (DBD) was created with this in mind. You are almost always going to be at your computer when a problem occurs so why hasten the decline of the planet by cluttering your desk with a piece of rubber when a piece of virtual rubber would do.

Besides just being a virtual rubber duck (squeeze-y squeak and all!) DBD allows you to create issues and voice notes that go along with these issues. The idea being that you can record yourself talking out loud and then, when a solution presents itself you can always come back and check your notes if you forget your thinking before the solution is fully implemented!

DBD comes with a customisable ducky, you can change its colour and add accessories so that you can tell at a glance which project you have open, if you are prone to working on multiple projects at once!

DBD is currently in very early alpha stage. It should work for the most part but there are rough edges everywhere. Drentsoft Games would love it if you would take it for a spin and report any issues and give feature request suggestions.

Get Ducky Bug Destroyer on!