Stay Here Forever – TriJam#187

The theme for TriJam #187 was Stay Here Forever. My original idea was to have someone trying to break out of a self-healing prison. The player would try and break down the walls and make it to the door but more walls would come smashing down and get in their way. This would go on for several levels before the player perhaps made their escape. I really wanted to try this idea but I thought it would take way too long to implement in just 3 hours.

My chosen idea ended up being a “protest simulator”. You play as the last remaining protestor who must dodge traffic to stay in the protest zone or forfeit the right to protest. The movement is lane based and players have just a few seconds to return to the protest zone should they leave it.

I quite like this game, it’s simple yet despite some bugs with the car/pedestrian AI it works well. I have since updated the game to fix some of the AI issues and make the car honking less frequent/annoying but time of writing this update has not been uploaded to

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