Solstice Party at the Edge of the World – Sketchmas 2022

In December 2022 I ran the 3rd 12 Days of Sketchmas Game jam. This was the most successful Sketchmas yet with 6 entries from 4 participants!

Sketchmas is a yearly relaxed game jam where people are encouraged to make one or more small games over the holiday period using optional prompts. The jam lasts the 12 days of Christmas with a few days either side to make up for any delays.

I always take part in Sketchmas and usually try to push my game making skills a little. This year I decided to make a game in Godot with a dubious story that fit with as many of the prompts as possible.

You play as a grill cook catering a solstice party at the edge of the world. The game has several parts from NPCs that give ominous information about the world to a little burger cooking/stacking section and finally a surprise ending. It’s a little weird as a game, the burger stacking isn’t as ploished as I would like and the customers ask for some really weird burgers BUT I like the idea and it’s definitely given me thoughts on how to make a better cooking game in the future!

You can try the game for free in your browser on

As an aside there are several variants of Sketchmas throughout the year, from Sketchuary which takes place over Valentines, Sketchoween where participants are encouraged to make a small spooky themed game in time for Halloween and this year I will be introducing Sketchster which takes place during the Easter holidays. If you like making games in game jams and like a relaxed atmosphere feel free to join them, I will be posting about them as they come up.

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