Sketchster Game Jam Prompts are Live!

12 Days of Sketchster Game Jam 2023 logo.

12 Days of Sketchster has 4 prompts instead of the usual 12 prompts for a 12 Days of Sketch* game jam.

Prompt List
Prompt 1 - Trapped (Concept/Abstract | Gameplay Mechanic)
Prompt 2 - Fire (Prop | Concept/Abstract)
Prompt 3 - Climb (Concept/Abstract | Gameplay Mechanic)
Prompt 4 - Chocolate (Prop | Concept/Abstract)

Prompt 1 – Trapped

Prompt 2 – Fire

Prompt 3 – Climb

Prompt 4 – Chocolate

Remember the prompts are just that; a bouncing off point for your creativity, you can treat them as literally as you want but you must use at least one in your game(s).

If you haven’t joined yet, you can do so on the official page!

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