Pipe Cube

Pipe cube is our entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2021. The theme was Joined Together. Having previously been interested in a puzzle-on-a-cube mechanic this seemed like a fairly simple concept to create within the timescale of the jam. The idea of the game is to move a ball from the start of the level to the goal, through pipes on a 3D puzzle cube.

Being physics based this came with some challenges as the cube and its parts can rotate far faster than the physics system can handle, throwing the ball clean out of the puzzle, however this was partially solved by making the puzzle cube static as even very large collision shapes didn’t help fix the collision issues.

Ultimately it’s not much of a game, the puzzles are very simple and the UI is lacking, making the game very hard to work out without reading the itch.io page but it feels like a solid prototype for a game that would require a lot more work to become an actual game.

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