A Taste For The King

The lands lay littered with the dead. Blood thirsty kings, long at war for conquest in their youth, turn to diplomacy in their weary twilight years. A feast is to be held to forge new alliances and bring peace once more, but not all are happy with the idea of peaceful rule and old grudges run deep.

A Taste for the King is a fast paced card game. Players take on the role of Princes and their loyal taste testers, desperate to survive the feast.

Feast your way to victory in this tense dish collecting card game.

A Taste for the King is a risk-taking card drawing, dish collecting, bluffing party game for 2-8 players.

How To Play

Players take turns drawing 3 cards from the Kitchen deck. Their opponents can see the cards they have drawn and must say one thing about the hand. The current player, known as The Taster, can choose to discard or give (to another player) up to two cards per drawn hand, any more and they risk offending the host and other attendants. The remaining cards are tested by the Prince’s top taste tester, any that are deemed safe are sent to the King for consumption. Watch out! Old grudges run deep and some dishes may be poisoned. If a player reveals a poison card they fall ill, throwing up the last revealed dish. Play another poison and the taster collapses, taken ill. All the dishes are sent back to the kitchen and another King is served while a new taste tester is sent for. Players can choose to push their luck up to three hands or play it safe and collect their dishes now. There are helpful action cards that allow players to improve their winning odds. The winner is the first to eat all the dishes on the menu or the player with the most scored dishes at the end of the last round.

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30-90 minutes
Players 2-8
Age 14+

Medieval | Set Collection | Bluffing | Press Your Luck


  • 43 deck cards
    • 16 dish cards
    • 4 wildcard
    • 16 poison cards
    • 7 action cards
  • 8 individual menu cards
  • 1 full menu card
  • 1 first player card
  • 1 action reminder card
  • 1 dry erase marker pen
  • Rules
Tested at Protospiel Online
Tested at Break My Game
Playtested at Board Game Designers Online Badge
Playtested at Board Game Designers Online

Where to Get A Taste for the King


A Taste for the King will be launched through a crowdfunding campaign in 2024!

Print On Demand

A Taste for the King is soon to be available to buy print-on-demand from thegamecrafter.com

Print and Play

The game is available as a print-and-play download at itch.io. All you need are the files, card/paper stock, a printer and some scissors or a guillotine and you can make your own copy of the game.


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