12 Days of Sketchster

Introducing the 12 days of Sketchster game jam, a relaxed game jam that takes place over the Easter holiday period. This is a further variation on the classic 12 Days of Sketchmas game jam alongside:

  • 12 Days of Sketchmas (Winter holidays)
  • 12 Days of Sketchuary (February/Valentines)
  • 12 Days of Sketchoween (Run up to Halloween)

The jam runs from 0:00 BST 1st of April 2023 to the 15th with the following week dedicated to rating games. You may notice that this is a 15 day submission period and wonder why the jam is called 12 Days of Sketchster. Well, the original jam was the 12 Days of Sketchmas, named for the 12 days of Christmas, however, we acknowledge that life sometimes gets in the way (especially during holidays) so the jam has a few days of extra time to prevent you getting disheartened if you can’t finish your project(s).

Unlike previous Sketch* events there will be 4 prompts (instead of the usual 12) however unlike previous iterations, you must use at least one prompt in your game(s).

If you’d like to make one or more games in a relaxed environment over Easter, sign up on itch.io and let’s get going!

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